Chinese Learning Center…Adds Spanish!

Nihao Nimen:

So anyone looking for Chinese lessons these days might hear this story. It’s a common story told throughout the world of language learning, and that is, the three most powerful languages to know are Mandarin Chinese, English, and…Spanish. At least in New York City.

So it only seems natural for a learning center (Hills Learning FYI is the sponsor of this website) to have Mandarin Chinese for its adult students, but also to add Spanish. How this fit will play out is another story, the center mostly has Asian languages and its student body reflects the demographics of students interested in those languages.

Their program will prove to have a unique tint on students who Learn Spanish in NYC. Please check their website from time to time for further information on their programs and how each level class is progressing, and what levels they’re currently offering.

Zaijian! Xie xie


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