Chinese Learning in New York – Look for Trial Lessons

This article is written by a staffer at Hills Learning, please check out Chinese Classes NYC for further info on options available for learning Chinese.

There are a variety of language schools in New York City to learn Chinese with, from universities that have 4 class a week packages including drills and courses, to Chinese language institutes that offer Chinese and cultural classes. Each institution has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some would say are more fitted to certain types of language learners of Chinese.

Language institutes and “Chinese only” institutions are focused on more serious Chinese language learners. Most curriculums have been approved by the Chinese government, and are designed to be a more stringent language learning experience. This kind of instruction is good for self starters and studiers that just need courses to reinforce their language learning, and also can keep up in more rigor learning environments. Colleges also tend to have fast paced classes.

Other institutions offer group classes and private lessons. They understand that different language learners have different backgrounds and abilities, and will need to adjust their curriculums and teaching styles accordingly. The drawback to these solutions is private lessons tend to be more pricey, as classes will have to be tailored to fit specific student needs and interests.

Whichever institution the Chinese language learner chooses, always ask if there’s the possibility of a trial lesson. Hills Learning offers periodically low priced trial lessons to learn chinese in new york. Other institutes as well usually offer “demo lessons” or free trial lessons to try your teacher. This will usually give an insight into the institution, but more importantly the atmosphere of learning that the student is about to enter.

With interest in Chinese growing rapidly, there is sure to be multiple new options for Chinese learning in the coming years in New York City. Existing schools will have to become more creative with their offerings to attract students and be the most important language learning option. Please keep your eyes peeled, and good luck with choosing the right institute for you!

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