Learn Chinese in New York City NYC, all you need to know!

It seems all big trends are starting from the big cities. From the last several years, a new trend start quietly emerged in New York City – learn Chinese!

New York Magazine published an article last April titled “Great Toddle Forward” talking about a story of a New York American family ambitious about their less than 2 years old child’s future, they hired a Chinese speaking nanny and only speak with the child in Chinese…

It’s true that more and more parents are worring about their children’s future and send them to learn Chinese. It’s also being observed that increasing number of adults and college students are starting learning Chinese. More and more New York universities and schools are offering Chinese classes, worrying about the toughness and competitivity of the job market, the students are expressing more interest in learning Chinese.

Not only job seekers think about increasing their credentials. Over 99% of the Fortune 500 companies are doing business in China. Along with the commitment lead by the Chinese goverment to liberalize it’s economy, not only big New York companies are talking about their “China Strategy”. Big New York companies has been sending their employees to learn Chinese, we count more and more such institutions in New York City specialize in Chinese language training, such as China Institute, Yao Mandarin, Berlitz etc…

Many adventurous New York enterpreneurs and small business owners has been brave enough to enroll in an intensive Chinese class to learn Chinese before fly to “the land of new opportunities”. Some manage to find their business partner and suceed, although not all has good news to report about the “new gold mining” story and all signs are encouraging.

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